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PARENTS' UPDATE July 21-25, 2008

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Parents’ Update July 21-25, 2008

Thank you so much for Tita Ginny (Sabine’s mom) and Tita Gina for showing the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Rayans how to make coconut soap. The graders are certainly picking up a lot of facts about the processes that go into making soap. Thanks also to Tita Carmen (Hans’ mom) who showed her clinic to the Grade 1 Matapat students and taught them so much about vaccination.

This week, we shall also have our Medical and Dental Check-Up this coming week. We shall let you know if the doctor and dentist have some special reminders regarding your children. This week, Tita Diwa (Elias’ mom) shall also be starting a very special tapestry project with Prep Bathala.

Since the much-awaited Pista sa Raya is just weeks away, we hope that you’ll help the children practice their songs and dances at home. Teacher Meg has been patiently teaching the children their dances, while Teacher Lilymae has been helping them brush up on their songs and indigenous instruments. What a treat it was to see the Nursery students play the bungkaka for the first time!


Thank you for all the books for our book drive!


Nursery Tutubi, Pawikan and Pipit

What are the different parts of the body for? What are the ways to take care of our body? What is bayanihan? These and a lot more questions we will try to answer as we go to our final week of our theme I am Me!

The stories Tubble Wubble Turtle and A Day with Lola shall take us to our lessons on using positional terms, comparing light and heavy and naming the different senses. We will be doing activities on cutting, pasting and coloring as well as develop the self help skills of buttoning and unbuttoning. We will also try to discover how we can use the different parts of our body to be of help to others.

We are working on learning the correct pencil grip so we can finally move from using crayons to pencils. We are also slowly getting the right moves in making music and dancing Itik-Itik. Sometime within the week a doctor shall be coming in as a resource person to give us tips on how to take care of our bodies as well as check on how healthy we currently are.

Please help us with this week’s letter and number, F and 2. Thank you :)



Kinder Adlaw and Bulan

What do people at home do for me and what can I do to make them happy? These are the questions we’d like to find out this week with the help of Owly and Juan Tamad. We’ll be discussing naming words, writing our names properly, and sequencing numbers 1-10. We’ll also sound out, identify and write the letter Tt, build our vocabulary in feelings, and practice the song and dance taught to us by Teacher’s Lilymae and Meg for Pista sa Raya this coming August. Then on Friday, it’s our first class fieldtrip and we’ll be visiting and observing the homes of Qianna for kinder Adlaw and Maru for Kinder Bulan. We’ll learn about the different parts of the house, what we see and do inside the different rooms, and interview the mommies and daddies on how kids make their parents happy.    

             Everybody’s excited and I hope you’ll allow your kids to experience this short visit with their classmates because for sure, it’s a fun activity they’ll learn from :D

By the way, here are the songs that we hope you can practice with your children at home:

Leron Leron Sinta (for Kinder Adlaw)
Leron, Leron, sinta
Buko ng papaya
Dala dala'y buslo
Sisidlan ng sinta

Pagdating sa dulo'y
Nabali ang sanga,
Kapos kapalaran
Humanap ng iba.
Halika na Neneng, tayo'y manampalok
Dalhin mo ang buslo, sisidlan ng hinog
Pagdating sa dulo'y uunda-undayog
Kumapit ka Neneng, baka ka mahulog.

Halika na Neneng at tayo'y magsimba
At iyong isuot ang baro mo't saya
Ang baro mo't sayang pagkaganda-ganda
Kay ganda ng kulay -- berde, puti, pula.

Ako'y ibigin mo, lalaking matapang
Ang baril ko'y pito, ang sundang ko'y siyam
Ang lalakarin ko'y parte ng dinulang
Isang pinggang pansit ang aking kalaban.


Pamulinawen (for Kinder Bulan)
Pusoc imdengam man,
Toy umas-asug
Agrayo ta sadiam.
Panun utem man dika pagintutulngan,
Toy agayat agruknoy
ta dengam.

Essem mot’ diak kalipatan
Ken nasudi unay a nagan
Ta uray sadin ti yan
Disso sadino man,
Aw-awagak di agsarday
Ta nagan mo nga
No malagip ka,
Pusoc ti mabang-aran



Prep Bathala and Kabunyian

Maraming salamat sa mga masasarap na pagkaing espesyal na ipinadala ninyo noong nakaraang Martes. Nabusog at nasiyahan ang lahat sa inyong mga inihanda. Salamat din sa mga liham ninyo para sa inyong mga anak. :)

For the coming week, we are on the last part of our discussion about families. We will talk about the things that we can do to make our families happy. We will use the literary pieces A Chair for Mother and Ang Bahaghari to list ways of how we can help at home. We will also touch on the counterpart of children’s rights which are our duties and responsibilities at home and in school. The Prep Bathala will also visit Lean’s grandparents’ home on Tuesday as their home visit activity. On the other hand, the Prep Kabunyian will do a small cooking session on Friday. Also, both classes will talk about the use of Ang and Ang mga in Filipino and the gender of nouns and syllable clapping in English. For Science, they will discuss about muscles and bones. We will also talk about the days of the week in Math and art appreciation of Malang’s works during art time.

Lastly, you may start looking for the Prep’s costume (for girls: Balintawak dress and for boys: white camisa chino and black pants with yellow handkerchief) for our Pista celebration in August and also practice this song at home.


Mantacco, mantacco


Ay ila ella ellalay,

ay insi-


Maraming Salamat!



Grade 1 Matapat

We ended last week with the special help of Mrs. Carmen Ang Jimenez when we visited her clinic at Metropolitan Medical Center. We even met a pediatrician, Dra. May, who patiently answered all our questions on vaccines. (Note: We went home with special treats! : ))

This week, we will greet our new theme We Are All Equal with our springboard pieces: Basta Ayoko Pa Matulog and Where is Kuya Emil? In Math, we will add three-digit numbers, interpret graphs and charts, and compare lengths. In Science, we will measure our body parts. In Integrated Language Arts, we will cover panghalip panao, pronouns, and discuss the consonant blends sp-, st- and sk-. In crafts, we will recycle paper by making our very own shoebox treasure chest. For oral report, they will bring pictures of themselves that show how much they have grown over the years(from baby pictures to their most recent!).

For the upcoming Pista celebration this August, kindly practice our song piece, Kalesa, with your kids:


Kalesa’y may pang-akit na taglay
Maginhawa’t di maalinsangan
Nakahahalina kung pangmasdan
Kalesa ay pambayang sasakyan

Kabayo ay di natin problema
Pulot at damo lang ay tama na
Matulin din sa kalsada
Tumatakbong maginhawa
Wala pang gasoline

Repeat all

Kalesa ay panghatid tuwina
Nung panahon nina Maria Clara
Mga bayani nitong bayan
Sa kalesa’y dinuduyan

Kalesa’y nakaaaliw
Lalo na pag gumagabi
At kung kasama ko ang aking giliw
Mangangalesa narin kami

Repeat 1 and 2

Matulin din sa kalsada
Tumatakbong maginhawa
Wala pang gasolina



Grade 2 Marangal

This week, we will try to answer the question  In what ways are we equal? We will do this through our lessons in Science about the muscular system and the similarities and differences of animals, our lessons in C & I about the different historic sites in the Philippines and the other countries in Asia, and our discussion in Art about the different Filipino dances and props.

We will learn subtracting three-digit numbers with regrouping in Math and the past tense of verbs in Integrated Language Arts.

Our springboard pieces for this week are Ang Tikbalang and Stella Luna.